Reformation Lutheran Church A Congregation of the ELCA

Youth Connections

Youth Quake & Youth Zone

Inspiring speakers, exciting musicians, wild and crazy youth, and brave adult sponsors are all essential ingredients for Youth Quake and Youth Zone! The first two weekends in February, our middle school and high school students will experience these events that are consistently a highlight of the year for our youth.

These fun, inspirational (and a little bit wacky) Youth Quake/ Zone weekends "away" provide transformational time when lives will be renewed and faith will become real! The middle school event is hosted at a hotel here in Wichita, while high school students travel to Topeka for the weekend.

Soul Food (September-May)

Wednesday nights provide the perfect opportunity for families and individuals alike to ask questions and grow in faith as we gather together for a meal, worship, music and learning!

Everyone is welcome to join in the fellowship of our Soul Food dinner, beginning at 6:00 p.m., providing time for all of our Wednesday night participants to share in a meal before they head to handbell choir or learning opportunities.

At 6:30 p.m., we center ourselves and our time together at “Boost” - a 15 minute, mid-week worship experience with some camp songs, praise hymns, and prayer to help center and rejuvenate us in the middle of the week.

Confirmation (7th-8th Grade)

While our middle school confirmation program is one of the most concentrated, focused times of learning and faith formation in the church, it is also a great way to connect with other middle school students. This time together is interactive, and includes Wednesday night and Sunday morning classes, as well as retreats and summer camp at Camp Tomah Shinga.

Elementary Parables (Pre-K - 6th Grade)

Kids 6th grade and under are invited to be a part of our new Elementary Parables. When people asked Jesus questions, he often responded with a story or parable. Preschool and elementary age students are invited to explore those parables through Bible stories, games, and activities. Music will also be a part of our time together as we learn songs about God's love for us and sing them together on Wednesday nights - and maybe even for worship on Sunday mornings! Parents with preschool-aged children are encouraged to attend Elementary Parables with their kids.

High School Youth Group (9th-12th Grade)

Our high school youth will continue to connect faith and life as they share study and conversation with each other. Our Youth Ministry exists for students and their families to know, grow and go: KNOW Christ, GROW mature in faith and together in God'sfamily, and GO with joy into the world as God'sservants. Students gather on Wednesday evenings for study and hang-out time, as well as Sunday mornings, and for other special events throughout the year. See the high school Facebook (closed site) for more information

Camp Tomah Shinga

Students of all ages head to Camp Tomah Shinga each year for summer camp. Tomah Shinga is nestled within 840 acres in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas, and is a great place for campers to get away from the distractions of a busy summer and look for God'spresence in nature, in the friends they meet, and in spiritual activities like Bible study, prayer and praise, and time alone with God.

Students can look forward to great food, swimming, hiking, campfires, Bible studies, sing-alongs, and building great friendships, all while staying in cabins equipped with restrooms, showers and air-conditioning. Mini-weeks and full weeks of camp are available for campers of all ages! For more information, check out the Camp Tomah Shinga website.

Summer High School Activities

Our goal for summer high school ministry includes a three-year rotation of mission trips, the ELCA Youth Gathering, and a week at a Bible camp.

June 25-July 1 - ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston, Texas

This summer we are heading to Houston. This incredible trip is filled with amazing moments of worship, service, strengthening relationships with friends and with God, and FUN - lots of FUN!

As we travel to this event, we will join with over 30,000 high school youth from around the country in praise, service and fun! It is humbling and amazing to see the work that can be done by a group of youth who take over a city for a week, as well as to fill the NRG Center!

Summer 2018 - Bible Camp

A chance to unplug and soak up God's love while enjoying the magnificent creation that surrounds us is what Bible camp is all about! Hiking, worship, campfires and much more help to build relationships with God and others during this week away.