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We took a slightly different approach to this year’s book of Lenten devotions. Instead of assigning a Bible passage to each writer, we turned the tables and asked each writer to select a favorite hymn that would serve as the basis of meditation. Writers were generally enthusiastic about the assignment and, as you will see, their devotions are highly personal testaments of faith.

I was a little hesitant to adopt this choose-your-own-hymn approach. I didn’t have a clue which hymns people would choose, and I wondered whether devotions based on favorite hymns might not end up being too lighthearted. Lent is a serious time, a time when we ponder the meaning of sin, repentance, forgiveness and salvation. 

I wondered: What if our writers get too happy, humming along with their favorite hymns? Could joyful, praiseful writers distract us from the meaning and purpose of Lent? I worried that our “Daily Devotions for Lent” might become “Daily Devotions for Lent Lite.”

Well, I shouldn’t have been so reluctant to try a new thing. What you will read in these pages is not “Lent Lite,” but heartfelt messages from your brothers and sisters in Christ, fellow travelers on the path to discipleship. They chose all different kinds of hymns, reflecting all the different seasons of life.

I hope these words and the melodies of your hearts will inspire you this Lenten season and bring you closer to your Lord.

Thanks and more thanks to all the writers for their thoughtful messages and to all members of the devotional ministry team for lending their time and expertise to this project.

Dallas Cronk, coordinator


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