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Think of it as paying love forward.

God loved us first. We are changed by God's love. God calls us and sends us to serve. Because we are changed by love, we hear and heed God's call for us to serve others. Those we serve receive the love of God through the work of our human hands and hearts, and so they come to know the love of God as their own adoption into the communion of saints. They, in turn, share the good news with others.

Keep the theme in mind as you read day by day. Look for ways in which people's lives are changed by God's love; look for ways in which people accept or reject God's call; find strength and encouragement in the testimony of God's people today. Find yourself in the gospel.

Our writers are parishioners, not professional writers, but they are indeed servants of the Lord. Profound thanks to all of them. They share themselves and their faith with you as they share their personal insights into the love of God.

Special thanks to the behind-the-scenes crew who make it all happen:

Mark Yeskie, Webmaster
Marcia Werts, Copy Editor
Lori East, Graphics Designer
Debbie Stephens, Production Manager

I also want to thank Pastor Lowell and Pastor Kristin for their advice, assistance and support of this outreach.

Dallas Cronk, Coordinator
Devotional Ministry Team