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One of my favorite books of all time is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I first read it when I was about 10. I totally identified with the central character, a girl named Francie.

Francie and I were about the same age. We both had handsome and witty dads who charmed everybody they met but never learned to cope with reality. And we both had moms who thought they had to do everything dad didn't or couldn't do and lost themselves in the process. As the oldest child, Francie had the weight of the world on her shoulders.

One thing that gave her joy was a tree that grew outside the window of her Brooklyn tenement. The tree was beautiful, and the birds who lived there sang her sadness away.

But some of the neighbor women hated that tree because it got tangled up with the clotheslines that stretched from building to building. Men came to chop it down and then, just for good measure, they set fire to the stump. Francie mourned the tree but endured her hardscrabble life, a life where birds no longer sang of hope and possibilities.

Spring came at last and with it came little green shoots poking up from the charred stump. Francie's tree had survived against all odds. Its roots were so deep and so strong that it was able to overcome mutilation and fire. Soon it would grow new branches, where birds would live again, singing sweet songs of hope and new possibilities.

Faith is like that. It wants to grow. Once roots are established, the seedling will struggle against all odds to become a tree. Our Lenten reflections this year are all about growing our faith - growing from the roots, growing from the branches, growing in love and hope, growing despite adversity.

This booklet is a wonderful sharing of faith. Thanks to all our writers, who bared their roots and waved their branches. These are some of the most heartfelt devotions we have ever shared. And, as always, I am especially grateful to those who planted the seeds of this devotional and nourished it to maturity: Marcia Werts, Mark Yeskie, Lori East, Debbie Stephens and our pastors Lowell and Kristin.

Dallas Cronk
Devotional team leader