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Jesus Questions

Some years ago, I ran across an article about Holden Village, a retreat in Washington state. I’ve never been there, but I’m told that it’s a beautiful place for meditation, reflection and spiritual growth.

The article was about how one person was inspired to challenge others in the Holden community to write a Lenten devotional booklet based solely on questions Jesus asked. Pastor Scott Kershner allowed his writers to pick their own Jesus questions, no matter how often they duplicated one another.

He wrote, “All great teachers ask probing questions, challenging their hearers to examine their assumptions and values and commitments. Jesus does this relentlessly and intentionally, seeking to shake our imaginations and our hearts free …”

We thought the idea was intriguing and shamelessly borrowed it for this year’s edition of Reformation’s Daily Devotions for Lent.

According to Pastor Kershner, 214 Jesus questions are recorded in the Gospels. We have cataloged most of them and found that many are duplicated word for word in Matthew and Mark. Some are closely mirrored in Luke. John does offer some different dialogue here and there, but the totality of different Jesus questions is not as great as we might have imagined when we set off on this adventure.

There are no softballs: Jesus never asked easy questions.

Thanks to our brave writers who were willing to tackle difficult topics and share their spiritual journeys. Writing about Jesus questions was a challenge for the Holden community, and it’s been a challenge for the members of Reformation Lutheran Church as well.

Thanks also to the Daily Devotions behind-the-scenes team: Marcia Werts, copy editor; Lori East, cover design; Debbie Stephens, production manager; Mark Yeskie, webmaster; and our spiritual gurus Pastor Lowell and Pastor Kristin.

May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable to God and received as a blessing by all who share these moments of daily devotion.

For the Daily Devotions team,
Dallas Cronk