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2016 is the 25th anniversary of Reformation Lutheran Church’s annual booklet of meditations, “Daily Devotions for Lent.” I’ve been part of the devotional team almost from the beginning. And let me say, we’ve come a long way from where we began. The first issue was published in 1990. Joel Schmalz was the pastor, and the congregation worshipped in the “old” church at 6909 E. Kellogg.

I’ll bet nobody but Mark Yeskie and me remembers this: Most of our submissions were handwritten back then and we had to re-key everything, piece by piece. Then we copied it on a copying machine, pasted it up and took it to the printer, who charged us about $700 to print the book. This was the “good guy” rate. No computers. No Internet. We do everything differently now, technology being what it is.

One thing that has remained constant over all these years is a hope that the people of God will support and inspire one another through the sharing of their personal stories in these Lenten devotions.

We hope. Hope has many facets, and hope is complicated. We hope for what we don’t have. If we knew how to get what we wanted or needed, we wouldn’t hope. We’d just go get it. But we can’t just go get it, and so we hope that something or someone or some circumstance will help get us where we want to go. Where are we going? What are we hoping for? Is hope enough?

Big questions. Join us for these 40 days of Lent as members of our community of faith share their personal stories of faith, love and, especially, hope. Let’s see what we can learn from one another.

Thanks to our Devotional Ministry Team: Mark Yeskie, webmaster; Marcia Werts, copy editor; Lori East, cover designer; Debbie Stephens, production manager. This team has been together for more years than I can count. There is no better behind-the-scenes team anywhere! Thanks also to our devotional writers, who always come through with deep thoughts and abiding faith.

For the Lenten devotional team,
Dallas Cronk