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Wednesday, February 24 Read Psalm 27

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14


Waiting is a virtue Ė one that I do not possess! I have trouble waiting for red lights, for my birthday, for warmer weather, for vacations with family, for a sale at the Gap, for cooler weather, for fresh baked cookies from the oven, for lunch with friends, for new movies to come out and for Christmas. If I canít wait for these everyday events, how can I wait for the Lord, the most important event of my life?

Maybe the Lord is tired of waiting for me Ė to be kind to others, to help feed the hungry, to help clothe those in need, to give shelter to those who are cold, to love my neighbor as I do myself. Maybe God is waiting for all of us to do more of his work in our own neighborhoods.

The faith we have in God gives us strength to wait for the day we will meet him face to face. The love we receive from God gives us the courage to praise him and all that he has given us. The hope we receive from God gives us the promise of eternal life with him in heaven. We need to be courageous in our efforts to do the Lordís work while we wait for him. Help those in need and tell all of the love our Risen Savior, Jesus Christ, has for us.

The hope I build on every second of every minute of every hour of my life is that God is here giving me the strength and courage to get through all that life throws at me. He is my rock on which I build my life.

Sheryl Johnson

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