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Thursday, March 17 Read Isaiah 41:17-20

When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none, and their tongue is parched with thirst, I the Lord will answer them; I the God of Israel will not forsake them. Isaiah 41:17

Springs of Hope

Lack of water always makes me think of my grandparents and how conservative they had to be with water. Their farm had no well. They existed with a cistern and a rain barrel. In drought conditions, Granddad had to go to town with a large tank and buy water for both household and animal needs. They had no running water, so no flushing toilets. Neither did they have a dishwasher that used gallons of water. Grandma used about a gallon of water to wash the dishes and another to rinse off the suds. Usually the rinse water was kept to be reheated for use as the wash water for the next batch. Washing clothes was done with a similar setup.

We modern Americans use more water in one day than my grandparents used in a week.

Recent shortages of water may be a sign that we should be more conscious of the need to conserve it. Many things today show that we are very careless about our water supply. Our news programs highlight the drought in California, the receding Ogallala aquifer beneath the Great Plains, the drought conditions that still exist in north-central Kansas despite last spring’s abundant rains.

Water is essential to life. People all over the world suffer because they have no water. My mail is filled with brochures asking me to support villagers around the globe by sending money to drill community wells or lay water pipelines to villages without water. Humankind is beginning to understand the need to conserve water everywhere.

Some good news is on the horizon. Large companies are changing manufacturing processes to use gray water in place of potable water where possible. Small towns are using gray water to maintain parks and golf courses. Processes are being changed to prevent pollution and to remedy that already in existence.

As scary as the worldwide water supply can be, we need not despair. God has promised that he will not forsake us. His word is our hope. Believe in his promises. No matter how dire the circumstances, we can always lean on God. Because of his promises, hope springs eternal.

Jolene Dougherty

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