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Mysteries of Grace

Let's face it. God is mysterious.

When things happen that we don't understand, we often say, "God works in mysterious ways." There are all kinds of God mysteries. Some are cosmic and forever incomprehensible. Some are meaningful but perhaps less obviously acts of God. Some may not be much more than "what just happened?" head scratchers.

How did God become man? If the man was God, how could he die? And if he was not God, how could he come back to life again? God becoming mortal, dying an earthly death and rising again to merge with the eternal I AM ... that's a mystery for sure.

You witness a baptism and somehow you know the Holy Spirit is in the room. You join with others at the Table and somehow you feel the real presence of the Living God. Or you find yourself in awe of the mountains, the oceans, the tall grass prairie ... and you are one with the Creator. God is with us always and everywhere. That's a mystery that transcends time and space.

Maybe you narrowly avoided an automobile accident. Maybe you know someone who was terminally ill and somehow recovered. Maybe you got a check in the mail exactly when money was needed. Maybe there's been a rift in your family that's been healed. Or an addiction cured. Some people see events like these as coincidences. How do you see them? Coincidence? Or is it God at work in your life in ways you don't fully understand?

Welcome to Reformation's "2017 Daily Devotions for Lent," Mysteries of Grace. Our writers have had a lot to think about this year as they prepared their meditations to share with you. You'll be uplifted, affirmed and thankful as you read their stories of faith ... and mystery!

Thanks as always to our writers, many of whom are new this year. I know first hand how hard it is to look at a blank computer screen and start writing when you don't know what you want to say. Thanks also to our Lent Devotion Team: Marcia Werts, Mark Yeskie, Debbie Stephens, and special thanks to Nathan Brandes for the original art on this yearís cover.

We hope our devotions will help you notice the mysteries of grace that surround you every day.

Dallas Cronk, Editor