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Monday, March 6

Sustaining Faith

The violence, greed, and lack of civility in our country and throughout the world are deeply troubling. Current news about the intentional and systematic bombing of Aleppo and the plight of people fleeing the city, seeking refuge in other countries, is especially distressing to watch and read about. The words written by Rory Cooney in the hymn “Canticle of the Turning” play in my mind: “The nations rage from age to age, but we remember who holds us fast.”

The simple truth, and our comfort in these difficult times, is to remember who holds us fast. God holds us fast and we belong to him.

My faith in God began when I was about eight years old.  I remember the Gideons coming to our school and presenting us with little green pocket Bibles. We all memorized John 3:16. My exposure to Jesus started with prayer in school and with that little Bible. We had a Bible in my home, but the main purpose of that Bible seems to have been the family history written in it.

My faith has grown and deepened over the years.  When I was a young Christian, I used to wonder: How can I love God more than I love my parents? This thought persisted throughout much of my life: How can I love God more than I love my husband and my children?

Now, in the winter of my life, I understand.  All I have and all I am came from God. God has so richly blessed me. My faith in God and his Son, our Lord, Jesus Christhas seen me through many sad and difficult times and has brought joy into my life. My faith has sustained me throughout my life, and my faith sustains me now.

Judy McDiffett

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