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Wednesday, March 8

Facing a Curveball

Just when you think you have life all figured out, God throws a serious curveball at you!

Early married life in the Jowdy house was very busy. Working long hours, enjoying time with friends, traveling and eventually moving to start a new business. No kids meant fewer responsibilities. With Meegan traveling two weeks a month for work, we never really felt settled in our new place and didnít put the time or the effort into finding a new church.

Until a baby came along! Nine months of pregnancy, filled with mysteries! How do I change a diaper? What do I do if the baby wonít stop crying? Is the car seat tight enough? Is it too tight? Am I doing any of this right? Despite all these new, mysterious experiences, life was great. And our little girl was a true blessing. We spent more time at home, became closer as a family, and found a new church home. God was very present in our lives.

Then came a curveball. A falling out with the school and the pastor at our church left us without childcare and, by our decision, without a church. I had doubted Godís presence in my life a number of times as a kid, but always found my way back fairly quickly. This one stung quite a bit more and made me question a lot of things. How could a church, and our pastor, treat us that way? Is this the message that God really sends us? A lot of questions, but no good answers.

For the next few years, we skated along in life and, for me at least, God wasnít a big part of that. New experiences brought new mysteries to solve. Another baby, another move, another new job and another new wrinkle in the God story. I went to work for a family that very much wore Christianity on their sleeves. They seemed like very kind, loving individuals who appeared to have a very good business plan and just needed one more piece to make it take off. That was supposed to be me. I saw this as a great position and an even greater opportunity to reconnect with God. Not long into this endeavor, I realized that things were not as they originally seemed. We soon found ourselves jobless and homeless in a foreign country. Again, I questioned, how in the world could you treat someone like this if you claim to be led by God?

Ultimately, that led me to work in Wichita. Then we found Reformation. Or Reformation found us. And thanks to our faith family here, I have found a much greater connection to God. I no longer question Godís motives. I no longer question why events happen. I no longer question Godís presence in my life. And Iím no longer afraid of facing a curve ball. Mystery solved!

David Jowdy

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