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Friday, March 24

Answering Prayer

“God works in mysterious ways.”

I always heard this phrase from people in my life, but I never really understood what they meant. Our family did not attend church; it was not a part of my childhood. I know both of my parents attended as children ... not sure when it faded. As I progressed through life, I had many experiences with different religions and beliefs, and I questioned many things. But I never really committed to any one over another.

When I was 25, my father was diagnosed with cancer; stage 4, not much time. There were many things I questioned. I was moved to have conversations with my parents that I never imagined. I needed comfort for the loss I was about to experience and faith that we would all survive and continue to live without my dad in our lives. My dad told me I needed to say a prayer. I had never prayed for anything.

Within 45 days, we were in the hospital. I prayed at my dad’s side that he would be spared any further pain, and I prayed for “a sign” that there was something to this faith he talked of in his final days. He passed peacefully, an answer to prayer #1.

The night after his funeral, I was informed that my younger cousin, who had been waiting for a heart transplant, received the call that a new heart was available. Answer to prayer #2? It was all very mysterious to me.

Since then, my faith has evolved ,and I have experienced many other “mysteries” in my life. And I recognize that they are God at work in my life, guiding me. He does work in mysterious ways.

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