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Monday, March 27

Becoming One with Creation

ďYou will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.Ē Isaiah 55:12.

I had the pleasure of traveling to Colorado with two friends this past summer. We stayed in a rustic cabin built along Fall River, which runs through Rocky Mountain National Park. We did not have TV, internet or cell service. It was as if we were stepping back into a different era, without the comforts of instant communication. Our days were filled, and we felt one with nature and each other. Sitting outside enjoying the humming birds, hiking along the river, searching for wildflowers to make a bouquet all the while hoping the big game didnít come searching for its next meal too close to this timber-framed getaway. The time spent in this detached area, segregated from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, was refreshing.

As stewards of the mysteries of God, I feel that we should not ever be too far removed from the many wonders of Godís creation. If I could rent that cabin every year I would do it in a heartbeat, but this is the last year the cabin was in private hands. It will soon become a part of the park that surrounds it. I was opened up to a new and radiant vision of who God is in the peaceful, serene setting that embraced me for a week.

I wonder if there isnít more to being a steward than taking care of or looking after. I wonder if it could also be participation. We are stewards of Godís mysteries by participating in them, being one with creation. The pureness of Godís mysterious creation at that small cabin nestled in the wilderness was unexpected and enjoyed. It was something that will forever be a vivid part of my faith journey. I think about it often and yearn for that intimacy with Godís creation. I open the window at my house in Wichita, and the birds and wind are drowned out by cars. When we opened the windows of the cabin that sat by Fall River, we could hear the water as it rushed over the large rocks.

Being a steward in this world means protecting what God has created. If we donít, the waterways and remote beauty of this country and our world will not be around for future generations to enjoy. Participation in the mysteries of Godís creation in its most raw form changes who we are, it changes how we see God, it changes our faith. That cabin, built in another time and place, has opened my eyes and ears to the wonders and mysteries of God that are still alive and well.

Dear God, we thank you for creations great and small. Open your world to us that we may participate in the mysteries that bring us close to you.

Martha Deines

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