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Wednesday, March 29

Power in Weakness

A teammate and I were tasked with the job of finding a valid tool that could be used to help our divergent team work better together. The thought was that, if we understood and respected one another better as individuals with different skills and abilities, we could use our differences to become an even better team.

We researched the various assessment tools that were available and found one that seemed good. Team members filled out questionnaires, and the data was entered into the computer program. Early results were encouraging, producing analysis that seemed to accurately reflect each person’s style.

One afternoon, the teammate who had been reviewing the results came into my office quite perplexed. He said, “Anita, we blew it! Your profile is wrong, and we have spent so much money and time on it.” Everybody else’s results were on target; only mine was wrong. He said he had never worked with anyone he respected as much as he respected me. I quietly got things done, worked well with people, and was effective in what I did. My profile, on the other hand, pictured me as a meek, ineffective slug.

I had to laugh out loud when I saw the results. They described me to a tee! My teammate was amazed to realize that what he had seen as stylistic weakness, he now saw as powerful in terms of how I used the style. Indeed, our whole team grew from understanding and respecting the different styles that each of us brought to the table. We could not grow as a team or help grow the organization as a whole until we came together in appreciation for the gifts and contributions of every group member.

I thought about this event when I read in 2 Corinthians 12: 9, “... but he [Christ] said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness’.” Grace. - grace freely given by God to each of us. Grace.

I cannot logically explain the meaning of grace, but I do respect the mystery of it. I see the mystery of grace wherever I look. Grace makes us powerful in doing God’s will. Grace makes our gifts (some of which could be described as weaknesses) perfect as we work together. It’s a mystery! All I can do is be what God created me to be. God does the rest-through the mystery of grace.

May the grace of God which passes all human understanding keep our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Anita Dorf

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