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Tuesday, April 4

Foundation of Life

I was in high school when I began really thinking about my own faith in God. That was also when I became comfortable questioning why I had faith and what it meant to me.

My belief in God didnít come at any particular moment - it grew as I grew and developed as I connected to the teachings of my church and family. It was difficult for me to understand how and why others talked about the big moment when they accepted Jesus as their savior. Eventually I learned that my faith story is mine and othersí faith stories are theirs. I became comfortable with my faith always being there for me, like a warm blanket. But, when I look at my faith as a blanket, I wonder about the depth of my faith.

Through faith, I have learned that no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes. I have also learned that I am forgiven for my mistakes. My favorite thing about my faith is that thereís a basic foundation of 10 rules; but Jesus summed everything up by reminding us to treat others as we want to be treated and to love no god other than our one true God.

My faith is like the hug from Mom that reassures me everything will work out and that I can do something. Itís not telling me that everything will be easy. Itís telling me that I can persevere through the tough times, and that I can rejoice in the good times. It gives purpose to my thoughts and actions.

I see my faith reflected in my actions and the actions of those around me. Kind words lead to kind actions. Something as simple as telling my students that ďIím happy to see you todayĒ can change their whole demeanor for starting the day. It gives them purpose for being where they are. Iím not sure how others view faith, but I am sure that my faith is the foundation of my life.

Karen Vlamis

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