Reformation Lutheran Church A Congregation of the ELCA

Sunday, March 2

Marsha Meili

Here I Am, Lord

“Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord? I have heard you calling in the night.
I will go, Lord, if you lead me. I will hold your people in my heart.”


I think most of us struggle to hear our “call”. Since I retired in August 2019 after more than 35 years in the aerospace industry, I am now looking for my “new” life call. Retirement can be seen as a transition to a different life stage where a person has more time to spend as they wish instead of being under a company’s plan and schedule. In 6 months, I have accomplished a few household cleaning tasks with much more to do but I have also completed my goal to become a Master Gardener. I have participated in more community events. I have reconnected with former co-workers and engineering friends. You might ask “What does this have to do with my ‘call’ or how is this a Lenten devotion?”


At this point, I see my Wichita community and its needs as part of my call as a Christian. I see this as my way to hold God’s people in my heart. Yes, God calls us to help third graders learn to read so they can become successful students. Yes, God calls us to share plant knowledge with our community so more people can grow their own food and appreciate God’s beautiful creation. Yes, God calls us to try new experiences from cultures different than our own and to join new groups of people different from ourselves even if this may feel uncomfortable. Yes, God calls us to share the news of the good work that the Homeless Outreach Team from the Wichita Police Department does. Yes, God calls us to pack food at the food bank or listen to those concerned about layoffs. God calls us to many diverse vocations or avocations.


During this Lenten journey, I will continue to discern how God wants me to spend my new retirement time. We can impact people daily without much thought along with making a larger impact through organizations. Perhaps your Lenten journey will also be a time of listening and following. Together let’s hold all God’s people in our hearts.


Help me follow where you lead. Help me to listen more closely and carefully to where you may be calling me. In your name, Amen.


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