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Friday, March 6

Kye Hobart

Lord of All Hopefulness

Lord of all gentleness, Lord of all calm … give us, we pray,
your peace in our hearts, Lord, at the end of the day.


I often find myself having anxious thoughts. Most days I wake up anxious, and most nights, I go to bed anxious, too. Though many things trigger my anxiety, some things do so more than others. In early January, 2020, I was waiting to find out whether my insurance would approve of me going to mental health treatment in Atlanta. My insurance has a policy that makes it so that my treatment center could not ask for insurance approval until 24 hours before I started treatment. I was planning on starting treatment on January 2nd, so of course, my treatment center was closed and could not ask for insurance approval until an hour or so before I was supposed to be admitted.


On the night of January 1st, my anxiety spiked, as I was worried I would be flying to Atlanta just to find out that insurance wouldn’t cover my treatment, which would’ve meant I couldn’t get the level of care I needed. Knowing that being anxious all night would only make me miserable, I leaned on God. I found hope and reassurance in this hymn. I love how it names God as not only “Lord of All Hopefulness” but also as “Lord of all joy” and “Lord of all calm”. This lets us know that God is with us in all emotions and situations.


“Lord of All Hopefulness” reminds me of God’s strength. The second line of each verse talks about what God has done and can do. God can handle anything that goes on in our lives. A few months ago, I was leaning away from God. I felt like no one could help me, and was angry at God because I felt like God wasn’t helping me either. Now, I have been reminded of God’s unseen strength. Even when we can’t or don’t notice God’s presence, God is there.


As we get to this year’s Lenten season and the coming Spring, life can get really busy. Worries and anxieties may swarm us, competing to win our attention. Though it’s easy to get caught up in life’s daily activities and all that comes with that, remember: God is with us, protecting and providing for us always. As we ask God for peace at the end of “Lord of All Hopefulness”, let us lean into God knowing that God is the calm amongst our anxieties.


Lord of all hopefulness, doubts or anxieties tell us that you’re not there or that you don’t care, remind us through words and tunes and friends that you are with us and love us forevermore. Amen


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