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Monday, March 9

Colin Fuller

Legendary by Skillet

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 3: 14


The line I’ve chosen is “One life to live, I never give up, I never give in.” from the song ‘Legendary’ by Skillet. I chose this line because it speaks of the power of perseverance. Many people in the Bible needed perseverance to complete God’s work, and so do we. I think that it is especially important to push your way to complete your goals by having faith in God and in yourself. People give up all the time, and that is why God needs people who will never give up in order to make the world a better place.


Everyone has had times where giving up was the easiest option, whether they chose to give up or to keep going shows how badly they wanted to achieve their goal. I’ve had many of these times, like my continuous struggle to earn the rank of Eagle in Boy Scouts. It is a long journey to earn Eagle and requires a lot of demanding work and perseverance. After five years in Boy Scouts, I am nearly there. Many people quit scouting long before reaching Eagle, because they aren’t willing to work this hard for it. Many others push through and reach the top. They are the ones that really wanted it. That is how life is, those that genuinely want something are willing to work for it. The easy way is never the best way.


Jesus Christ himself needed perseverance to deliver his message during his time as a human. So did countless others throughout history. God needs his people to persevere, to deliver his message, to make the world a better place, a place of peace. The world is changed by people like us that had faith and wouldn’t give up. God calls us to be the change, and we can’t give up at answering his call.


So, that is why perseverance is important. Not giving up means staying with it until the end, never backing down. The best way to persevere at something is to focus on the end goal and keep in mind why you’re doing it. If you really want something, have faith in God, and give it your all, you will always have a fighting chance at achieving your goal. Never give up.


(Colin is a High School student in our congregation.)


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