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Wednesday, March 25

Kate Bruntz

All God’s Critters Got A Place in the Choir


I and a few other familiar faces in confirmation class traveled to Camp Tomah Shinga last summer. That week was one of the hottest all summer, but nonetheless we persevered and had a wonderful, worship-filled week. We sang many songs during worship that praised God, though none of them were traditional hymns. “All God’s Critters” was one of the songs where the lyrics stuck out.


“All God’s critters got a place in the choir” is a declaration for all: make a joyful noise. God includes everybody in worship and in life, without discrimination against those with no musical ability. Singing, playing an instrument, or writing music are just a few ways Christians contribute to praising God in worship, but worship should not be the only time we praise God. Praying, being friendly to other people and the rest of God’s creation, or helping others are a few more less thought of ways to take your place in the choir. It does not matter the form it takes, as long as you praise God throughout your life. “...some just clap their hands…” is the next part of the song, further demonstrating that making a joyful noise can be anything that shows our love for God.


We, as Christians, can sing the praises of our Lord in many ways, some more subtly than others. As long as we continue to love God, we can proclaim our faith by singing, playing, writing, praying, clapping, and living how God wants us to. God does not need us to use our most perfect, professional singing voice, but rather He cares that we participate in our faith. “All God’s Critters” is a song that reminds us that we are always loved by God, and we should return that love by making a joyful noise.


God of all harmonies and cacophonies, thank you for making a place for all of us in your choir. Amen


Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.
1 Corinthians 12:27


(Kate is a confirmation student.)


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