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Monday, March 30

The Beautiful Body and Blood

This tiny infant King is born to one day wear the nail and thorn


This is one of many songs and hymns that masterfully ties together Christmas and Easter. The words begin in the cold of winter and reveal the quiet joy of Christmas.

Whispered prayers
Winter nights
Carol songs candlelight
Silently we bow our souls
Before the One
The manger holds


When we sing this in Rise Worship at Christmastime, it fits well into our celebrations, but we also canít help but think ahead to what will be happening on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter. The words lead us forward. As the chorus explains:

This is the beautiful body and blood
Lamb that is offered by heaven's love
Born to be broken And spilled out for us
Beautiful body and blood


We donít always like to think about Holy Week and Easter in the midst of welcoming baby Jesus, but Jesus came to earth as human and divine for a purpose, and that purpose was fulfilled in his dying and rising on our behalf.


Sometimes our rituals are so familiar and fast-moving that we go through the motions and stop noticing what is happening. Slow down for a moment and think back to the last time you came forward for Communion. Jesusí body and blood are beautiful. Whether a wafer is placed between our thumb and forefinger or a piece of bread is torn from the loaf and placed on our palms, itís beautiful. The wine reflecting the sanctuary lights and the stained glass is beautiful. The shining trays of wine and grape juice are beautiful. What Jesus chose to do for us is beautiful beyond our comprehension.


The writer of this song, Glenn Packiam, is an ordained priest in the Anglican Church of North America serving New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He was part of the Desperation Band (2001-2017) and has written several songs and books.


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