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Tuesday, March 31

Forty Days by Matt Maher

Forty days to wander, Forty days to die to self
Forty days to grow stronger, As faith breaks open the gates of hell
The jubilee is over, But grace is far from gone
In the hearts of the faithful Broken on the wheels of love


'Cause in the desert of temptation Lies the storm of true conversion
Where springs of living water Drown and refresh you
And as the Jordan pours out change Your true self is all that remains
Where springs of living water Bind and break you


Forty days to remember The Paschal sacrifice
Forty days to discover His passion calls us to new life
The jubilee is over, But mercy's far from gone
In the arms of the Father As the wayward child comes home

CCLI Song #4509358 ©2003 CCLI License #11141044


Researchers tell us that it takes about 6 weeks to adopt a new habit or rid ourselves of a bad one. When one of those is our goal, those days are l-o-n-g. Last month our confirmation students were surprised to learn that the season of Lent is ďonlyĒ forty days long because Sundays arenít included in the counting. Lent is forty days plus Sundays. Because we live on this side of Easter, Sundays are always a celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, even though we are respectful and omit the Alleluias during the season of Lent.


What new habit are you attempting to gain during this Lenten journey? What old habit are you trying to break? Matt Maher wrote this song in 2003 after he took a break. He is a very prolific and successful songwriter, writing not only for himself, but for other well-known Christian performers. During his break, he was able to focus on God, to hear the Bible come alive, to feel Godís love deeply, and then to speak it and sing it.


Dear Jesus, help me to close my eyes and shut my ears to the many distractions in my life. As I notice my breaths in and out, let me also feel your presence with me. Remind me of the significance of forty days ó itís not forever, but it is enough time to make a difference. Amen


In addition to hearing this on Spotify, you may want to see the wonderful animated YouTube video.

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