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Thursday, April 2

Steen Mortensen

Musical Memories from the Past...


Many years ago, we enjoyed music provided by the Seekers; Peter, Paul, and Mary; Joan Baez; the Mamas and the Papas; Simon and Garfunkel; Roger Whittaker; and in the ‘70s added to records collected while actively adjusting to becoming Americans.


In the mid-’70s we acquired several records published by a group beginning their activity in the ‘60s, first published however in the mid-’70s: the St. Louis Jesuits. They wrote, sang and played inspirational songs, though of Catholic origin having texts very applicable for all of us.


Off and on I thought that some of these would be very worthwhile in the worship services I attended and then had the great joy of seeing one of my very loved ones being part of our new “red book” published in 2006 as number 574 by Dan Schutte with the chorus:


Here I am Lord
is it I Lord?
I have heard you calling in the night
I will go Lord
if you lead me
I will hold your people in my heart.


Another favorite written earlier by Bob Dufford with the chorus:


be not afraid
I go before you always
come follow me
and I will give you rest….


Gracious God, help us not to fear as we hear your call, and give us enduring courage to follow you into places we cannot always see clearly. Help us to trust in you. Amen


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