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Monday, April 6

Eric Jensen

“Body and Blood”

“Look within . . . Deep within . . . You are not depraved with sin . . .
You are loved . . . You are the love of God . . .
You are the Body and Blood . . . Body and Blood . . .”
Gungor’s “One Wild Life”


      On the one hand, Gungor’s “Body and Blood” might be a poor selection for this devotional – the words above are the only lyrics in the entire track. They are not repeated, in fact, most of the song has no words at all. On the other hand, few pieces of music have ever struck me so profoundly, each and every time I’ve listened to it, as this song. It’s sound entrances me – perhaps it will do the same for you. If you are using the Spotify playlist we’ve compiled for this devotional, I encourage you to stop reading, and listen to the piece now. Or pull it up on YouTube or your preferred music-streaming service.


      “Body and Blood” came to me at a time of intense vulnerability and spiritual disconnect. I was in Argentina – I had just been asked to move out of my home, six months into my YAGM year. I felt deeply separated from God, the notion of a greater plan, from any real spiritual union with the world around me. I think the song impacted me for a number of reasons, too many to go into here, but what I want to focus on isn’t the for, it’s the how. A barrier had crystalized around me, quieting the Spirit’s voice in my life, and this song – its rhythm, simplicity, its essence. It shattered that barrier, and let God’s breath fill me again.


      The album from which this song comes was compiled into three parts: Body, Spirit, and Soul. It has no beginning, no end – it is intended to flow in a circle. “Body & Blood” bridges the transition from the end of “Spirit” into the beginning of “Body”. The season of Lent in our faith marks a point in creation’s history where the harmonies of God’s divine presence within Jesus, the Christ, shatter the barrier that crystalized, in sin and death, between our bodies and the boundless life and love of our Creator.


      The drum and voice of “Body and Blood” move beyond culture or language to rest in the essence of God that resides in all things – the small pool of the Spirit that floats within each of us. I hope that as you walk through this wilderness, this Lent, this life, that this song can serve as a reminder of the oasis of God’s presence ever within you. May you meditate long in its quiet waters, and find peace. Amen


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