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Wednesday, April 8

Sheryl Johnson

Leaving 99

Id leave ninety-nine, leave them all behind. To find you (For you alone).


This song gives me great comfort when I hear the Rise band perform it. It assures me that when Im lost and broken all alone on this road Jesus is by my side. He will get me through the struggles I face each day; He will return me to the flock. He will NOT leave me.


We can all rejoice in knowing that each of us is Jesus most important Lamb. He is our Shepherd and will do whatever it takes to bring us out of darkness, or loneliness, or confusion, or fear. He gathers us up and says, My child, my child, I am always here; Im at your side.


There is celebrating in Heaven when Jesus returns one of his sheep back to the fold. He knows the ninety-nine will be fine for a while without Him because they have each other to lean on; they arent lost. They can support and guide each other while He is searching for and returning the one who is lost.


I wonder if Jesus felt alone at times before His death on the cross. Did He feel frustrated when He took the disciples to Gethsemane where they slept while He prayed? Did He feel betrayed when Judas gave Him over to Caiaphas, the high priest? Was He hurt when Peter denied knowing him, three times? We have all fallen asleep or betrayed or denied Jesus, and yet, He never leaves us. Just as He knew God would never leave Him. Jesus knew God was by his side during this time before his death. He knew God was with him when he died on the cross, so that our sins would be forgiven. Therefore, we can trust the words Id leave ninety-nine, leave them all behind. To find you (For you alone).


Sometimes in life, we are a part of the ninety-nine. We know our Lord. We have many friends, family, and even strangers to support and guide us in our faith. We feel Jesus presence beside us. Other times in life, we are the one who cant move my feet because Im frozen with fear. We need Jesus to find us and return us to His flock. We need His guidance to get through the bleak times we are facing. The assurance that He is always by our side gives us comfort. Jesus is our Shepherd and He is always by our side.


Good Shepherd, thank you for the many times you have found me and for your presence with me all the days of my life. Amen


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