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Renew and Reconnect

Daily Devotions for Lent 2022

A lot has changed in the two years since Reformation last produced a Lenten devotional booklet. We all have endured stress. We’ve been anxious, concerned, impatient, worried. Some of us have endured loss. But, as the writers of Reformation remind us in this booklet, we still have hope. We still have Christ and his gift of everlasting life.

In the pages ahead, you’ll find personal stories of faith and encouragement as we seek ways to renew ourselves and our faith during the pandemic and reconnect with each other and our community.

We so appreciate everyone who has voiced encouragement for this booklet and especially those who have contributed:

Copy editing: Twyla Hill and Suzanne Koch
Proofreading: Susayn Brandes, Jolene Dougherty, Andrea Fuller, Allison Keith
Production: Kim Loignon
Digital production: Mark Yeskie
Theological guidance: Rev. Ralen Robinson

And, of course, dozens of writers of all ages, who stepped out of their comfort zones and shared parts of themselves with us. You’ll find their names at the bottom of each page.

This booklet, the 30th edition of Daily Devotions for Lent, is dedicated to Dallas Cronk, who shepherded Reformation’s Lenten devotionals for many years. We miss you, Dallas, but your vision and inspiration live on.

We hope you will find these writings thought-provoking, encouraging and uplifting.

Marcia Werts, editor
Ken Hobart, coordinator

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