Reformation Lutheran Church A Congregation of the ELCA

Ministries - Drama Ministry

The purpose of the Drama Ministry is to give a witness for Christ by means of theatre and dramatic productions. Even as Jesus used parables to teach, so we believe that a drama can be an effective instrument for giving a valuable message. A secondary, important objective is to provide an outlet for Christian Fellowship for those involved.

Long time ministry, new name: This Ministry has been an off-and-on activity for several years, without the benefit of a formal title. We're pleased to use the title of "Drama Ministry," since the purposes stated above have been the motivation for our efforts.

In December 2000, we presented a drama---A Party Fit For A King---for the Progressive Dinner event. The emphasis being that our Christmas celebrations might properly center on the birth of our incarnate Lord, Jesus.

In spring of 2004 during the Lenten season we presented "Good News!".

We envision the possibility of a year-round Drama Ministry Fellowship of people who are interested in dramatics as a means of witness. This could include play-reading sessions strictly for fun (fellowship), "On-Stage" and "Behind-The-Scenes-involvement" presentations of dramas for Christmas, during Lent, or as needed. . . . One--primarily fellowship--type of activity might be a summer production of a Dinner Theatre event.

All of the above, that we might be . . .

Servants of God, Guided by the Holy Spirit to Make Christ Known.